Massimo Bonanni
Senior Consultant Modern Apps - Microsoft

I approached the world of computers at age 10 starting to program in FORTRAN on a UNIVAC 1100/60 and since then I have been interested in the world of software development up to version 4.0 of Visual Basic at the end of 1995. Subsequently, for the purpose of work, I became interested in Object Oriented development with Visual C++ and, with the advent of .NET platform, I shifted the focus to VB.NET and C# I work on design and development of applications based on. NET platform since 2002. I am a founding member of user group DomusDotNet ( and dotNET{podcast} (, the first Italian podcast on Microsoft technologies. I’m Intel Software innovator since 2014 and Intel Black Belt since 2015, both on Intel RealSense expertise. I work as Senior Consultant Modern App Domain in Microsoft.