Nicolò Carandini
Senior Developer - TPCWare

Nicolò Carandini is a Senior Developer at TPCWare, with over 30 years of experience in the design and development of software apps. In the early 80s he worked as a consultant for Apple Italy for networking with legacy systems at the University of Rome and the SIP (later Telecom) . He later worked for other institutional clients such as INPS, Finmeccanica , Italstat and STET , as well as many other private clients on Apple and Windows , with a plurality of systems and development languages ​​such as assembler for Z80 , Basic and Pascal of Apple // , the DBIII , Clipper and Delphi , to finally get to C# and .NET framework. Over the last few years he has worked on a project to vertically integrate SketchUp 3D documents using Ruby and Javascript with backend developed in C # and SQL Server. Passionate on C# and XAML, is currently responsible for developing WPF/UWP apps for Windows 10 devices and (with Xamarin tools) mobile apps for other platforms like iOS and Android. On the Backend side, he develops REST services with ASP.NET Core WebAPI and Azure functions integrated with the many available Microsoft Azure services. Founding member and Community lead of DomusDotNet (, founding member of Mastering Code group and owner and administrator of Facebook unofficial Xamarin Italian group (